Problems & Solutions

1.User authentication in PHP and MySQL

Do you want
to build a secure authentication system in PHP? Then try this sample php code…

To use this you have to install php_mysql module on your server.


    function connect_db($database, $db_user, $db_password,

        $host =‘localhost’, $port = NULL, $die = false) {
    // Returns a MySQL link identifier (handle) on success
    // Returns false or dies() on error depending on the setting of parameter $die
    // Parameter $die configures error handling, setting it any non-false value will die() on error
    // Parameters $host, $port and $die have sensible defaults and are not usually required


2. Highlight source Code of your project to a reader using PHP builtin functions.

3.Create a Simple Calculator in PHP

Simple Calculator in PHP

Calculator using PHP


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