File Browser the Customized Way

Hello guys, its been a long time since I posted in this blog.

Today I am here to show you how to display your website directory contents like folders,images or even some files in a customized way.

See how GitHub is displaying our repository files and folders.

So, let’s get started.

What the default way looks like

The default way is what we see when we type any folder, that exists on a particular domain, is in the image below.


But how our’s final one looks like is…


What do we do here

Here we customize the URL parameters and identify the folders and files using PHP.

How to do it

  1. First we represent all folders with a “directory” image.

  2. Then we identify each file (text or any other) with a File icon.

The procedure for identifying the folders is…


function listDir($dir){

$files = array();

$links = array();


if(count(scandir($dir)) > 2){

$dh = scandir($dir);

foreach($dh as $folder){

if($folder != '.' && $folder != '..'){


$files[] = $folder;

$links[$folder] = "project.php?url=".$dir.'/'.$folder;


$files[] = $folder;

$links[$folder] = "project.php?url=".$dir.'/'.$folder;





return [$files,$links];


return "";




This PHP code will return an array of files or sub-folders as an array to the callee of function.

Using this array of files, we can style our webpage to display how these values to be displayed.

My way of styling is as follows.



echo "<pre><code>".nl2br(htmlentities(file_get_contents($url)))."</code></pre>";


$file_links = listDir($url);
$files = $file_links[0];
$links = $file_links[1];
echo "<div class='files'>";
foreach($files as $f){
echo "<div>";
foreach($links as $key => $l){
if($f == $key){
echo "<span class='file-icon'><img src='directory.png'/></span>";
echo "<span class='file-icon'><img src='code.png'/></span>";
echo "<span class='file-name'>";
echo "<a href='".$l."'>".$key."</a>";
echo "</span>";
echo "</div>";
echo "</div>";



Reading File contents


Live Demo     Download

Hope you guys enjoyed this.



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