HashTag system in PHP

Did you ever try converting hashtags in your website into links of a post or comments…?

Did you ever try to learn it from other sources…?

Look how Facebook Team did it in PHP using Regular Expressions…

Today I will teach you how to do that easily in  PHP Regular Expressions.

Lets start now…

First retrieve the content of the post using $_POST in php




echo convertToHash($_POST['hashtag']);//convertToHash is a function for converting hashtags into urls…


function convertToHash($str)


//declare a regular expression…

$regex = "/#+([a-zA-Z0-9_.]+)/";

$string = preg_replace($regex,'<a href="http://facebook.com/$1″ target=”_blank”>$0‘, $str);

return $str;



To use this function just use the html form…


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